My mini me

My daughter Val. I'm not sure how old, probably around 15 months.

My daughter Val. I’m not sure how old, probably around 15 months.

This is my daughter Val. She is currently 31, and drives a city bus in Nashville. Driving anything that big would scare me. She has two dogs and a horse.

Val is a little me. In her younger days she had friends of my dads calling her Tami at church. When she was born doctors were concerned about her head size.

I asked them to measure my head. The doctors calmed down but scheduled her for a scan. The scan turned out fine. Thanks Val for letting me post this picture.

 Love you!!!

My Twitter picture is Val’s horse.

Me age three months.

Me age three months.

Even our baby pictures look alike. We look at lots of baby pictures now that Clara is here. Boy my head started out big.

It still amazes me I passed the Navy physical and spent about tow years in the Navy.

I hope research continues.



  1. I know large head sizes is a sign of Cowden’s Syndrome….I NOW know why I could never find a hat to fit me! When I was a baby/toddler the doctors never mentioned anything to me about my head – I guess it wasn’t that big of a deal to them. If we only knew THEN what we know now!

  2. Ditto with the head size stuff. My first memory was high school band & one of the band members had me trying on hats for our band uniforms and she says ‘ my, you’ve got a large head. ‘ If we only knew then…

    So have Tami and Clara gone through genetic testing?

    Thank you for continuing to blog!

  3. My mother the nurse noticed something about my head. Clara is my step-sons daughter so she does not need genetic testing. My daughter Val (31) is the baby in the orange suit. She hasn’t been tested. Tami thats me… I graduated high school, passed the physical and went in the Navy. If I would have known any sooner my life would have been really different. I would have missed the good parts.

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