X-ray computed tomography

X-ray computed tomography (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Cowden’s Syndrome it never ends. Yesterday I had two scan appointments in the morning.

One scan I have had before the other was new to me. They were at the local hospital scheduled after my physical earlier in the month.

I had been to the hospital, had done the pre admission paperwork over the phone and was early. Theses appointments were for 8:30 and 9:00 am. I checked in at 8:20.

I had the 9am bone density scan at 8:45. That was quick and easy. The lady performing the scan told me to have a nice day when I was finished.

It’s about 9:05 and I’m still not called for my 8:30 appointment. Then someone called Tami.

Ok finally! When I am lead to the mammogram changing room I realize that’s not me. Back out to the waiting room and final I am called at 9:20 for my 8:30 transvaginal ultrasound.

The lady doing the test took lots of pictures even a couple with sound attached. One of the few good parts of my morning I got to place the probe before the test was started.

Who knows if that’s what everyone does.  Before leaving the room she said that she needed to check the pictures.

Ok usually that’s not good. She seemed to be gone for ever. When she returned I was told to get dressed and my doctor would get the results sometime on Monday.

My first mammogram they found breast cancer. The first colonoscopy I had polyps on top of polyps. So this time who knows.



  1. This is your first pelvic ulstrasound? I’ve had about 4 or so, too many I’ve lost count. This is why I’m having the hysterectomy at the end of the year (hopefully). To avoid these scans in the future (in addition to the “risk-reducing” surgeries). URG. Hope for good news!

    • Yes my very first one and yes I hope one is enough for a long while. The test was negative! Ya! The pelvic ultra sound was compared to a CT scan of the pelvis I had in March of this year because of my AVM and a pelvic ultrasound in 2007. My AVM which started in the labia are covers most of the left side of the pelvis. Still waiting for the bone density test results.

      • I’m so glad to hear that! I have to have one more before the surgery – and it best be my last one. It’s pretty motivational for me to have the hysterectomy (among other things) so that I don’t have to have that test anymore! Have you heard of an endometrial biopsy? If you have to have one of those….make sure you take LOTS of pain medication before hand! Hope the bone density test comes back good too!

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