X-ray computed tomography

X-ray computed tomography (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Cowden’s Syndrome it never ends. Yesterday I had two scan appointments in the morning.

One scan I have had before the other was new to me. They were at the local hospital scheduled after my physical earlier in the month.

I had been to the hospital, had done the pre admission paperwork over the phone and was early. Theses appointments were for 8:30 and 9:00 am. I checked in at 8:20.

I had the 9am bone density scan at 8:45. That was quick and easy. The lady performing the scan told me to have a nice day when I was finished.

It’s about 9:05 and I’m still not called for my 8:30 appointment. Then someone called Tami.

Ok finally! When I am lead to the mammogram changing room I realize that’s not me. Back out to the waiting room and final I am called at 9:20 for my 8:30 transvaginal ultrasound.

The lady doing the test took lots of pictures even a couple with sound attached. One of the few good parts of my morning I got to place the probe before the test was started.

Who knows if that’s what everyone does.  Before leaving the room she said that she needed to check the pictures.

Ok usually that’s not good. She seemed to be gone for ever. When she returned I was told to get dressed and my doctor would get the results sometime on Monday.

My first mammogram they found breast cancer. The first colonoscopy I had polyps on top of polyps. So this time who knows.



Old English Sheepdog-Nana

Old English Sheepdog-Nana (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have been looking  for my watercolor paper. I want to finish the last pastel picture and get back into watercolors.

This last pastel is Martha the sheepdog mix. Martha was one of the dogs I learned to love after marrying Dave. I am hopeful the pastel of Martha will turn out.

Its looking a lot better than I thought it would. Right now I just need to put the finishing touches on before posting her.

One of the problems is Martha passed away in 2004. She great spunk for a dog, seemed to like anyone who came into her home. I still miss her.

We do not have any good pictures of Martha to draw from. Martha with her sheepdog looks is a challenge.

Our sixteenth anniversary is July 4th. Martha is really close to being finished.

She would make a great present. Over the weekend I got some water-color paper and finally picked out a drawing table.

The hardest part about having the drawing table was figuring out where to put it. Dave hit his head on the table.

This morning he showed me a cut on his bald head from putting the table together.

Museum of the Jewellery Quarter - Vyse Street ...

Museum of the Jewellery Quarter – Vyse Street – Jewellery Quarter – doors (Photo credit: ell brown)

Since posting my pictures I have found lots of great artists. It  helps inspire me.

I found an artist who is new to me that I really like his work. Summers around here are full of art shows. They are fun.

 I like the style of his watercolors and that he paints original objects.

A special note: To my brother Ron, this is the guy who painted trash bins in his pictures. He painted a collection of front doors I liked too.

When I started this blog I had no idea I would publish my pictures or find other artists who blog.

If you have time check out Tunnerbythe tees@wordpress.com

David is from Billingham in Teesside England.


Lisa Loring as Wednesday in The Addams Family ...

Lisa Loring as Wednesday in The Addams Family original series. (Photo credit: Wikipedia

In March I had a procedure to relieve some of the pain from my AVM’s. Over the years my AVM has grown from the groin  to my hip and now down to the knee.

The pressure of my AVM puts stress on my heart and I have right-sided heart failure. The high  pressure of blood flow has caused pulmonary arterial hypertension.

The knee issues have been for just this past year. I have know about the heart failure and pulmonary arterial hypertension since 2007 after a past AVM procedure.

At that time I got a cardiologist. Treatment for the PAH was only given through an IV. After the March procedure I had lots of issues, everything from heart palpitation, being yellow in color and it was harder to breathe.

After running lots of tests, the doctors found out my PAH is now severe.


Wednesday (Photo credit: Images by John ‘K’)

Tomorrow I see the lung doctor again. I did not need a lung doctor till this March.  She will do the six minute walk test again and see if the medicine is helping.

One of my questions is does PAH get better? Dave lost weight changed his diet and no longer takes his blood pressure meds.

 During our last visit the doctor F said they only found one other case of Cowden’s Syndrome and PAH. That lady lives in Paris. Who knows maybe we will get to Paris someday.

More of my Pictures

My pictures have been called  my online portfolio.  That surprised me. My dogs are getting better. I have been told I am not afraid of color, and I agree with that.

So here are some more pictures.

My grand dog Goldie

My grand dog Goldie

I just finished this picture of Goldie.

A 2009 vacation picture.

A 2009 vacation picture.

This is the view from the boat on our 2009 vacation. It turned out very nice and is not an animal.

My brother’s dog Tiller. I like this one.

Tiller  Watercolor


My brother’s dog Tiller. I like this one.

My dog Daisy.

Daisy Watercolor

Daisy Watercolor

Hope you like theses. My plan is to continue to create more pictures over the summer.

Health and Wellness

KIND Healthy Snacks

KIND Healthy Snacks (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My husband’s company is doing a health and wellness program this year.

The program is divided into three parts. If we complete all three parts of the program he gets three hundred dollars.

 Part one quit smoking. He has never smoked. Turn in the required paper get hundred dollars. He has completed part one.

Part two see your doctor and get all your required screening completed. Dave does that any way. That is  another hundred dollars.

Part three is exercise. Earn six points from the choices on the paper and get another hundred dollars.

Dave all ready does that too.


Exercise (Photo credit: sanchom)

One of the choices is a company exercise event.

That should be fun because the company hasn’t had the Christmas party or summer picnic in a long time.

My part is to make sure I have all my preventive screenings and followup with what the doctor  recommends.

I do that anyway.

Written in Chalk

Written in Chalk (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Tomorrow I have a doctor’s appointment at 8 a.m. with my doctor .  During my discharge from the hospital at the end of March,  I was told to see my PCP.

This was the first available appointment. I have learned if possible to make my appointments with a doctor who knows about Cowden’s and all my health issues.  So it should be interesting.

Doctor S. has a lot to catch up on. She will do the pap and any blood work and anything extra she finds or I have forgotten.

I hope everything goes good tomorrow.

I see the pulmonary doctor next week at Cleveland Clinic main campus.