My Pictures

For has long as I can remember I have enjoyed art. In art therapy we made cards. The instructor let us take the unused card stock home.

Tiller is my brother Ron’s white boxer. I like that Tillers eye looks like Daisy’s eye. The picture of Tiller shows how much I have improved.

I hope to a pastel of Tiller and show the sparkle in his eyes this time.

Auggie a rescued dog I learned to love after getting married. Dave says if you goggle dog there is a good chance you would find Auggie.

I painted Auggie first in watercolors and last week in pastels. She had expressive eyes and could always make me smile.

!st watercolor I gave to family

!st watercolor I gave to family

Watercolor Auggie

Watercolor Aggie

Pastel Auggie

Pastel Aggie

 My dog  Daisy  2012 Watercolor

My dog Daisy
2012 Watercolor

The last picture is a watercolor of my rescued dog Daisy. Our home has lots of windows Daisy likes to watch for animals in our yard.



    • I’ve found that – in taking pictures and editing them on my iPod. I’ve begun to post them on my blog and make a section for the photos, to give me a creative outlet besides my medical things. I see you connected with the other blogger who has CS too….I know there are MORE of us out there! We just have to keep raising awareness. πŸ™‚ Have a great weekend!

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