English: Animated cartoon on a exercise bike, ...

English: Animated cartoon on a exercise bike, Svenska: Animerad streckgubbe på en motionscykel. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is hard enough  having to see a doctor all the time. I have two doctors appointments this week.

Now with the pulmonary arterial hypertension getting worse, it seems like some of the things I use to do are either harder to do or I am unable to do them.

Its been a long time but my husband and I use to go to a spinning class together. By spinning I mean riding a stationary bike in an exercise class.

You ride with a group of people. Its fun great music and was not easy.

English: Couple walking their dog at Buckingha...

English: Couple walking their dog at Buckingham Fountain after the 2009 renovation led by Thompson Dyke and Associates (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Last year before breaking my foot I went to our local recreation center and walked on the treadmill at least three times a week. Right now I attempt to walk the dog with Dave.

That short walk can be a challenge. I appreciate the dog having to stop and smell. That is  way I can catch my breath and blame it on the dog.

Going up steps is hard now. I carried two sheets going up one flight of steps from the basement and had to sit down. Dave caught me.


Boxer22 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

 I decided what can I still do that I enjoy. I loved to paint. Now I had the time to practice painting.

 First I got a sketchbook. Then I tried to see if I could still draw.

 Last year I took a couple of watercolor classes.

It was harder than I remembered. It took a whole set of classes before I kept a picture.

The paintings I liked the best are of expressive animals.

Any picture of an animal in an unusual pose or with an expressive expression is what I like to paint.

This spring I am finishing up a pastel class. Pastels are drawing with chalk.

Pastels let you get dirty and be expressive at the same time.

 The more I practiced the better I seemed to get. Last Wednesday the instructor really encouraged me to join the local art league.

She said they have demonstrations I would enjoy and places around two  to show your work.

So in September when there season starts up again I am signing up for the art league.

English: Hollywood Walk of Fame, Symbol Camera

English: Hollywood Walk of Fame, Symbol Camera (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For the last couple of days I have attempted to post a couple of my pictures. I will post the pictures once Dave figures out what I did to the camera.


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