Colonoscopy Glad It is Over!! I’ll Do Better Prep Next Year

Surgery Party 11 - The Band

Surgery Party 11 – The Band (Photo credit: ex_magician)


 Colonoscopy I am glad its over.

I had bleeding issues Saturday and Sunday, but nothing after starting the prep. I had to be at the Family Surgery Center at 2pm. Everyone was extra nice.

This time the pre op area was very quiet. We found out that my doctor was running late. Someone had come for their colonoscopy on the wrong day.


It was 4 pm before it was my turn. I was the only one left in the pre op area. This colonoscopy was different because I remember hearing voices, not sure what they were saying.

That was a first for me.

  Dr T only found twelve polyps this time. She listed this prep has fair, every other prep I did was good. Last year Dr T found 32 polyps.

Now we wait for the pathology report.



  1. GOOD GOOD LUCK! (Well, I know this is late….) but I too vaguely remember hearing voices during mine. Not a lot….but right before I “went down”, hah, I remember the voices. I pray all comes back clear and they are just hamartomous polyps that we are “known” for.

  2. Last time, I had to tell them that I really thought that I was coming out of anesthesia too early. Not only did I hear voices but felt pain! They made sure that didn’t happen again! I go Tuesday for my modified colonoscopy — flexible sigmoidoscopy. I only have 1 ft of colon left. The prep sounds just as bad – if not worse. Not looking forward to this – but who does look forward to it! Fingers crossed that you have a good lab report!

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