1000 FLICKR UPLOADS!!!! (Photo credit: MightyBoyBrian)

Yes I have over 1000 hits!!!

Thank you!!! Thank you to my Cowden’s friends.  All of you let me know I had something important to say.

Thank you to my family  who were surprised that I have a blog and  signed up as followers. Thanks Ron for letting my niece Megan know Aunt Tami has a blog.

It is nice that the younger generation appreciate what I do.

Thank you

Thank you (Photo credit: Avard Woolaver)

A special thank you to my art instructor D. I BELIEVE YOU.  I have a picture to finish tonight that is coming along and not an animal.

Thanks to all the artists who like my work and now follow my blog. My wish would be to watch you work and if possible take a class.

This weekend turned out a whole lot better than I thought it would. Clara is baptized. I got to hold her and someone called me grandma.

The food was good. I talked to the priest and learned a couple of things. It was my first Catholic baptism.

My adult step children were nice to me even when I had a camera in their faces.

I told lots of people at the baptism about the blog. They liked my art, knew and loved Auggie.

I have over 1000 hits and 11 more followers. Who knew!

Close up of a cute baby 7-month old panda cub ...

Close up of a cute baby 7-month old panda cub in the Wolong Nature Reserve in Sichuan, China. Photo by Sheila Lau. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


My Pictures

For has long as I can remember I have enjoyed art. In art therapy we made cards. The instructor let us take the unused card stock home.

Tiller is my brother Ron’s white boxer. I like that Tillers eye looks like Daisy’s eye. The picture of Tiller shows how much I have improved.

I hope to a pastel of Tiller and show the sparkle in his eyes this time.

Auggie a rescued dog I learned to love after getting married. Dave says if you goggle dog there is a good chance you would find Auggie.

I painted Auggie first in watercolors and last week in pastels. She had expressive eyes and could always make me smile.

!st watercolor I gave to family

!st watercolor I gave to family

Watercolor Auggie

Watercolor Aggie

Pastel Auggie

Pastel Aggie

 My dog  Daisy  2012 Watercolor

My dog Daisy
2012 Watercolor

The last picture is a watercolor of my rescued dog Daisy. Our home has lots of windows Daisy likes to watch for animals in our yard.


English: Animated cartoon on a exercise bike, ...

English: Animated cartoon on a exercise bike, Svenska: Animerad streckgubbe på en motionscykel. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is hard enough  having to see a doctor all the time. I have two doctors appointments this week.

Now with the pulmonary arterial hypertension getting worse, it seems like some of the things I use to do are either harder to do or I am unable to do them.

Its been a long time but my husband and I use to go to a spinning class together. By spinning I mean riding a stationary bike in an exercise class.

You ride with a group of people. Its fun great music and was not easy.

English: Couple walking their dog at Buckingha...

English: Couple walking their dog at Buckingham Fountain after the 2009 renovation led by Thompson Dyke and Associates (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Last year before breaking my foot I went to our local recreation center and walked on the treadmill at least three times a week. Right now I attempt to walk the dog with Dave.

That short walk can be a challenge. I appreciate the dog having to stop and smell. That is  way I can catch my breath and blame it on the dog.

Going up steps is hard now. I carried two sheets going up one flight of steps from the basement and had to sit down. Dave caught me.


Boxer22 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

 I decided what can I still do that I enjoy. I loved to paint. Now I had the time to practice painting.

 First I got a sketchbook. Then I tried to see if I could still draw.

 Last year I took a couple of watercolor classes.

It was harder than I remembered. It took a whole set of classes before I kept a picture.

The paintings I liked the best are of expressive animals.

Any picture of an animal in an unusual pose or with an expressive expression is what I like to paint.

This spring I am finishing up a pastel class. Pastels are drawing with chalk.

Pastels let you get dirty and be expressive at the same time.

 The more I practiced the better I seemed to get. Last Wednesday the instructor really encouraged me to join the local art league.

She said they have demonstrations I would enjoy and places around two  to show your work.

So in September when there season starts up again I am signing up for the art league.

English: Hollywood Walk of Fame, Symbol Camera

English: Hollywood Walk of Fame, Symbol Camera (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For the last couple of days I have attempted to post a couple of my pictures. I will post the pictures once Dave figures out what I did to the camera.

Colonoscopy Glad It is Over!! I’ll Do Better Prep Next Year

Surgery Party 11 - The Band

Surgery Party 11 – The Band (Photo credit: ex_magician)


 Colonoscopy I am glad its over.

I had bleeding issues Saturday and Sunday, but nothing after starting the prep. I had to be at the Family Surgery Center at 2pm. Everyone was extra nice.

This time the pre op area was very quiet. We found out that my doctor was running late. Someone had come for their colonoscopy on the wrong day.


It was 4 pm before it was my turn. I was the only one left in the pre op area. This colonoscopy was different because I remember hearing voices, not sure what they were saying.

That was a first for me.

  Dr T only found twelve polyps this time. She listed this prep has fair, every other prep I did was good. Last year Dr T found 32 polyps.

Now we wait for the pathology report.

So here goes!!

Something's Got to Give

Something’s Got to Give (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Yes Today is the big day. For whatever the reason I am really pissed this time that I have to do it.

I have been having issues the last couple of days.

So I know I its a whole lot better doing the prep at home than in the hospital. But Every year….

I read somethings today that helped me. The blog on the colon club helped me see I still have options and am glad of that.

Hope for A blog I follow. Heather has Cowden’s syndrome too. Read her current post.

Off I go to start the prep. Looking forward to tomorrow afternoon,