Sunday is Prep Day!!!!

10:01 AM - Lovely Bracelet for ID During Colon...

10:01 AM – Lovely Bracelet for ID During Colonoscopy (Photo credit: Old Shoe Woman)

Yes I have a family history of colon cancer. I had colon cancer surgery January of 2009. My colon cancer was stage 3 C.

Monday May 6 sometime in the afternoon I have my ANNUAL  COLONOSCOPY.

I got the call about the colonoscopy prep this morning.

I had so many of them I have a routine. All ready got the Movie Prep.  Yes I stored it in the back of the pantry, out of sight out of mind.

But this Sunday is my big prep day. My family does not want to be home when the prep starts to work.

I have learned to start eating lighter at least two-day before the prep. I did that the last time and the prep seemed easier.

Using a straw helps me. The prep gets to the back of the throat sooner and goes down quicker. Still have my straws in the cupboard from the last prep.

The nurse said make the prep up early and refrigerate. She said we drink everything cold. My sister told me that a long time ago. It works for me.

I did learn the hard way about why you have to stay hydrated the day before. I eat pop cycles and jello. This is the only time pineapple jello is good.

I have an afternoon appointment. For me the best part is the warm blanket right before going to sleep.

I have been having issues again. the doctor says this will help.

I have never had a colonoscopy without polyps. Thank you Cowden’s Syndrome.

So I get pictures of my polyps the doctor removes.



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