Surprise! (Photo credit: Greencolander)


Wednesday I see a new breast specialist. That should be interesting. She has yet to see what radiation and Cowden’s Syndrome does to a breast.

I have a new black and blue mark in an odd place. After seeing the doctor I have my first digital mammogram. This time I am seeing the doctor at the breast center.

I have been told I would know the results before leaving. I had breast cancer in 2002 and mammograms still make me nervous.

 Wednesday evening I have my pastel class. Last week I drew a pig. It turned out better than I thought it would.



  1. Going to breast specialist and center focused solely on breast issues is great, I’ve gone from mammogram, to ultrasound, to biopsy and then MRI if needed in one day. I hate to admit it is a great place, but the process works.

  2. I had no idea there were breast specialists until attending a conference on inherited colon cancer last year. Yes it is a great place. It was great to get the result the same day. My doctor talked about Cowden’s Syndrome at the conference. So I really like her. She was very helpful diagnosing my issues I have with radiation after my lumpectomy in 2002.

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