I’m Not Bored Anymore









Flower (Photo credit: @Doug88888)


The office had a new sign that said she was on time. I was early and the nurse took me right in. After all the questions the doctor came in. I am a little over the one for my colonoscopy.

The  doctor was upset and asked why had I not come in sooner?

I told her with a new oncologist he didn’t order the colonoscopy and this was the earliest appointment. Then I attempted a joke, told her I could have phone in wanting to schedule a colonoscopy appointment.

She said next time just call. Who knew. So my colonoscopy is May 6. I keep asking if there is any new preps. Nope!!

I have Movie Prep again.

Movie Prep is ok. I liked that there was not has much to drink than the other prep I used.

I have had so many colonoscopies I have a system that work for me. Part of the system is doing the prep on Sunday and having the colonoscopy on Monday afternoon.

I do a lot better if I start the prep with everyone out of the house. So I can’t wait for the warm blankets, nice nap and pictures to take home.




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