Sunday is Prep Day!!!!

10:01 AM - Lovely Bracelet for ID During Colon...

10:01 AM – Lovely Bracelet for ID During Colonoscopy (Photo credit: Old Shoe Woman)

Yes I have a family history of colon cancer. I had colon cancer surgery January of 2009. My colon cancer was stage 3 C.

Monday May 6 sometime in the afternoon I have my ANNUAL  COLONOSCOPY.

I got the call about the colonoscopy prep this morning.

I had so many of them I have a routine. All ready got the Movie Prep.  Yes I stored it in the back of the pantry, out of sight out of mind.

But this Sunday is my big prep day. My family does not want to be home when the prep starts to work.

I have learned to start eating lighter at least two-day before the prep. I did that the last time and the prep seemed easier.

Using a straw helps me. The prep gets to the back of the throat sooner and goes down quicker. Still have my straws in the cupboard from the last prep.

The nurse said make the prep up early and refrigerate. She said we drink everything cold. My sister told me that a long time ago. It works for me.

I did learn the hard way about why you have to stay hydrated the day before. I eat pop cycles and jello. This is the only time pineapple jello is good.

I have an afternoon appointment. For me the best part is the warm blanket right before going to sleep.

I have been having issues again. the doctor says this will help.

I have never had a colonoscopy without polyps. Thank you Cowden’s Syndrome.

So I get pictures of my polyps the doctor removes.




Surprise! (Photo credit: Greencolander)


Wednesday I see a new breast specialist. That should be interesting. She has yet to see what radiation and Cowden’s Syndrome does to a breast.

I have a new black and blue mark in an odd place. After seeing the doctor I have my first digital mammogram. This time I am seeing the doctor at the breast center.

I have been told I would know the results before leaving. I had breast cancer in 2002 and mammograms still make me nervous.

 Wednesday evening I have my pastel class. Last week I drew a pig. It turned out better than I thought it would.

I’m Not Bored Anymore









Flower (Photo credit: @Doug88888)


The office had a new sign that said she was on time. I was early and the nurse took me right in. After all the questions the doctor came in. I am a little over the one for my colonoscopy.

The  doctor was upset and asked why had I not come in sooner?

I told her with a new oncologist he didn’t order the colonoscopy and this was the earliest appointment. Then I attempted a joke, told her I could have phone in wanting to schedule a colonoscopy appointment.

She said next time just call. Who knew. So my colonoscopy is May 6. I keep asking if there is any new preps. Nope!!

I have Movie Prep again.

Movie Prep is ok. I liked that there was not has much to drink than the other prep I used.

I have had so many colonoscopies I have a system that work for me. Part of the system is doing the prep on Sunday and having the colonoscopy on Monday afternoon.

I do a lot better if I start the prep with everyone out of the house. So I can’t wait for the warm blankets, nice nap and pictures to take home.


Being Bored Can Be Fun


Cleveland Indians

Cleveland Indians (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


In one of my favorite blogs Beating Cowden, wrote about being bored.

She wanted a wanting a break from the many  doctors appointments we have because of Cowden . I really like the idea of being bored too.


I’m tired of the doctors appointments and ready to be bored for a while too.

Yesterday was opening day for the Cleveland Indians!! Yes I know it’s the Cleveland Indians but they are my team.  I want to go to a game this year. Believe it or not they are 3 and 4.

Dollar hotdog nights are fun but I like getting a give away to. So as long as it’s not in the 90s I’m going to an Indians game this year.

Dave is heading to Kentucky to meet his first granddaughter Clara. I do not want to ride that far. So the local library has lots of things planned.

I hope to get to the crochet purse demonstration with recycled materials. I tried that once. So hopefully I can learn something.

paisley purse front & back

paisley purse front & back (Photo credit: patti haskins)


I love any art class. It didn’t matter what type of art anything creative was fun. My senior year of high school I  took a painting class. That was a really good class.  I learned a lot.

That painting class was the only class allowed to bring in music. So I learned to like  KISS too.

04/25/2010 ~ Creative Art Supply ~ Riverside, ...

04/25/2010 ~ Creative Art Supply ~ Riverside, Ca #7735 (Photo credit: amayzun)

 This week I am starting a pastel class. I  took a couple of watercolor classes last year. I like the instructor and learned a lot.

The last time I used pastels was in the painting class in high school.

 Still looking for a concert to attend this summer. Hopefully our county fair will have an act we would enjoy seeing this year.

 In between all the doctors appointments I have planned some fun.


English: Blue Star

English: Blue Star (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  The  blogs are helping put a face on having PTEN issues.   March is colon rectal cancer awareness month. In Medina we have a local free paper.

This paper has everything from local events to the best place to get a hamburger. I wrote a letter to the editor about getting a colonoscopy, my colon cancer and do not make the same mistakes I did.

The next day our superintendent of Schools contract was made public, perks, bonuses and all. My letter was not published.

I will try again next year. I’m glad for the blog because I posted the letter.

Blue Star Quilt

Blue Star Quilt (Photo credit: Adventures in Librarianship)

While in the hospital I was asked for blood to participate in another research study. My AVM is the cause of my heart failure.  While in Cleveland Clinic I saw the cardiac team.

The doctor on call does research. The Cowden cells will help her research of Arrhythmia. The Dr said after the blood is drawn that’s all they need from me.

I will not know if they used my blood or how the research came out. The nurse I worked with was very nice.

She gave me a hug after everything was finished. A tired doctor came with her and thanked me to.  The medical student I met was doing rounds with this team.

My Cure magazine came this week. Cure is a free publication for anyone effected by cancer. I have been getting it since 2002.    Cure is on-line at

 In the spring 2013 issue has an article about Risk management: Living in the past, present and future. Click on Genetic Risk. PTEN is listed.

 Hopefully a mutated PTEN gene will become more well-known.


…Hope… (Photo credit: ĐāżŦ {mostly absent})