My birthday in the hospital

 During this past hospital stay I celebrated my birthday. Yes you can celebrate a birthday in the hospital. My husband brought me flowers.

My sister Beth sent flowers to the hospital. While I was sleeping a nurse wrote Happy Birthday on the board by my bed.

I ordered a small muffin for desert. Most doctors looked at the board and seemed speechless that anyone would be in the hospital for their birthday.

A group of doctors said they were late because they were eating cake, celebrating a doctors birthday.

Dog sunny Day Afternoon

Dog sunny Day Afternoon (Photo credit: allert)

Cleveland Clinic serves some food that I like. The last two times I wrote a compliment card to the food service. My stomach was upset for most of the time there but I had two different chicken dishes that were really good.

I have lots of pop cycles in the hospital. Orange and grape are the best when the only choice is sugar free pop cycles.

I wanted to take an art class for my birthday. It starts the first part of April. So real soon I will get out my drawing paper and start practicing again.

Just like in high school I still enjoy drawing animals especially animals with expression.

Part two of back to normal getting new glasses.


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