Finally I am back

I am back. Cleveland Clinic is a huge place, every floor is different.   The day before my procedure, I was on  one of the J floors. This is the new wing. The rooms are private rooms with large flat screen tv.

My sister spent the night night. We went up to the pavilion. The pavilion is a beautiful rooftop area with a great view. We saw the sunset and a helicopter take off. I found out there is a walking trail and morning yoga class for staff, patients and families. Friday morning I had the embolised and spent an uneventful night in ICU.  Saturday afternoon I was moved to another part of the J floor. Sunday afternoon I was tired but felt good enough to come home. I kept thinking I don’t want to come right back. Before leaving I wrote food service a positive comment about how much I enjoyed the chicken.

Sometime Monday I started to feel really bad.  I made some calls and ended up in our local emergency room around 8pm. An ambulance  took me make to Cleveland Clinic main around 1:30 am. earlyTuesday morning.

I ended up with my heart failure acting up, high liver functions, gallstones, and severe pulmonary arterial hypertension. The pulmonary hypertension has went to sever since my last echo  in Sept of 2012.

My breathing is a whole lot better. I no longer have a yellow tint. My stomach feels better. Food looks good again. So I am feeling better. Friday I have more tests and see two different doctors at the main campus.

I met some good doctors and a very nice medical student. The medical student is interested in Cowden’s Syndrome research. She is writing a paper about Cowden’s.  One day soon hopefully Cowden’s will be better known.

Crown Daisy (Chrysantemum coronarium)

Crown Daisy (Chrysantemum coronarium) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



  1. Oh my goodness! I’m so thankful you are near such a good medical facility where they can monitor you….have you heard from the med student? On the note of Cowden’s Syndrome – I just had my blood taken today for the PTEN study…sending it back tomorrow. 🙂 Heal well!

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