See you next week


Sunday (Photo credit: ex.libris)


Tomorrow I have some blood tests, heart tests and am admitted to Cleveland Clinic main campus to have another embolization of my AVM  Friday morning.

I get to see my sister tomorrow. She is coming from Columbus. Last time I saw her was at a family wedding in Tennessee

Today I continue to get ready. Two weeks ago I got the stickers for my car and updated my drivers licenses.

I was within five pounds of the last licenses. My picture is ok too.

Yes my birthday is March 20, so all that needed to be done. We went to Red Lobster last weekend.

 So far I have made no birthday plans.

Laundry is finished. Cell phone is charged. Rings and earrings a put away.

This morning I finished a good book I was reading and had a good conversation with my son before he left for work.

Our freezer has some leftovers. Just found my hospital dog. My hospital dog is my version of flowers. It is Daisy a stuffed boxer very cute.

I leave my purse at home and usually wear pants without a zipper.

When its all over I hope to be in less pain. But I know it will grow back.



  1. Probably going to shock her when she sees this but hey that’s ok. Mom did ok during the proceedure. Got to go home Sunday, however Monday wasn’t feeling well. My stepdad took her back to the hospital where she still is tonight. No answers yet as to what’s going on or when she’ll be home.

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