Getting ready!

Cleveland Clinic Miniature

Cleveland Clinic Miniature (Photo credit: House Photography)

 Yesterday I went to Cleveland Clinic for a nurse visit to get  clearance for my AVM procedure on March 15.

I will  be admitted March 14 and observed because of my heart failure issues. The bigger the AVM gets the more painful it becomes, the more effected the heart failure issues are.

Hearts and Candy

Hearts and Candy (Photo credit: Rdoke)

It was nice to see the doctor for thirty seconds. He said I was right about two things.

I will be in the heart failure wing which means the new rooms.

All the rooms are private rooms with flat screen tv.The doctors said for me the heart failure issues are under control.

So I could have phoned everything in. But I understand they need to be sure.

So it’s a week to go for my procedure. I have all ready started doing things to get ready. I got my hair trimmed last week. My bangs would not stay out of my eyes.

All ready renewed my drivers licenses. The picture is not bad this time, my weight was good too.

I renew the plates for my car too. In Ohio they are due right before your birthday. The food seems to get better each time I am there.

The hard part is my pain will not go away, it will grow back.

baby girl

baby girl (Photo credit: Jon Ovington)

Tonight I am currently on baby watch. My step daughter in law’s water broke last night. No word yet. She is having a girl, currently know as “Baby Girl”

So when we have a baby we will know the name.

CLARA JEAN was born March7 at 1145 p.m.


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