My birthday in the hospital

 During this past hospital stay I celebrated my birthday. Yes you can celebrate a birthday in the hospital. My husband brought me flowers.

My sister Beth sent flowers to the hospital. While I was sleeping a nurse wrote Happy Birthday on the board by my bed.

I ordered a small muffin for desert. Most doctors looked at the board and seemed speechless that anyone would be in the hospital for their birthday.

A group of doctors said they were late because they were eating cake, celebrating a doctors birthday.

Dog sunny Day Afternoon

Dog sunny Day Afternoon (Photo credit: allert)

Cleveland Clinic serves some food that I like. The last two times I wrote a compliment card to the food service. My stomach was upset for most of the time there but I had two different chicken dishes that were really good.

I have lots of pop cycles in the hospital. Orange and grape are the best when the only choice is sugar free pop cycles.

I wanted to take an art class for my birthday. It starts the first part of April. So real soon I will get out my drawing paper and start practicing again.

Just like in high school I still enjoy drawing animals especially animals with expression.

Part two of back to normal getting new glasses.


Finally I am back

I am back. Cleveland Clinic is a huge place, every floor is different.   The day before my procedure, I was on  one of the J floors. This is the new wing. The rooms are private rooms with large flat screen tv.

My sister spent the night night. We went up to the pavilion. The pavilion is a beautiful rooftop area with a great view. We saw the sunset and a helicopter take off. I found out there is a walking trail and morning yoga class for staff, patients and families. Friday morning I had the embolised and spent an uneventful night in ICU.  Saturday afternoon I was moved to another part of the J floor. Sunday afternoon I was tired but felt good enough to come home. I kept thinking I don’t want to come right back. Before leaving I wrote food service a positive comment about how much I enjoyed the chicken.

Sometime Monday I started to feel really bad.  I made some calls and ended up in our local emergency room around 8pm. An ambulance  took me make to Cleveland Clinic main around 1:30 am. earlyTuesday morning.

I ended up with my heart failure acting up, high liver functions, gallstones, and severe pulmonary arterial hypertension. The pulmonary hypertension has went to sever since my last echo  in Sept of 2012.

My breathing is a whole lot better. I no longer have a yellow tint. My stomach feels better. Food looks good again. So I am feeling better. Friday I have more tests and see two different doctors at the main campus.

I met some good doctors and a very nice medical student. The medical student is interested in Cowden’s Syndrome research. She is writing a paper about Cowden’s.  One day soon hopefully Cowden’s will be better known.

Crown Daisy (Chrysantemum coronarium)

Crown Daisy (Chrysantemum coronarium) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

See you next week


Sunday (Photo credit: ex.libris)


Tomorrow I have some blood tests, heart tests and am admitted to Cleveland Clinic main campus to have another embolization of my AVM  Friday morning.

I get to see my sister tomorrow. She is coming from Columbus. Last time I saw her was at a family wedding in Tennessee

Today I continue to get ready. Two weeks ago I got the stickers for my car and updated my drivers licenses.

I was within five pounds of the last licenses. My picture is ok too.

Yes my birthday is March 20, so all that needed to be done. We went to Red Lobster last weekend.

 So far I have made no birthday plans.

Laundry is finished. Cell phone is charged. Rings and earrings a put away.

This morning I finished a good book I was reading and had a good conversation with my son before he left for work.

Our freezer has some leftovers. Just found my hospital dog. My hospital dog is my version of flowers. It is Daisy a stuffed boxer very cute.

I leave my purse at home and usually wear pants without a zipper.

When its all over I hope to be in less pain. But I know it will grow back.

Getting ready!

Cleveland Clinic Miniature

Cleveland Clinic Miniature (Photo credit: House Photography)

 Yesterday I went to Cleveland Clinic for a nurse visit to get  clearance for my AVM procedure on March 15.

I will  be admitted March 14 and observed because of my heart failure issues. The bigger the AVM gets the more painful it becomes, the more effected the heart failure issues are.

Hearts and Candy

Hearts and Candy (Photo credit: Rdoke)

It was nice to see the doctor for thirty seconds. He said I was right about two things.

I will be in the heart failure wing which means the new rooms.

All the rooms are private rooms with flat screen tv.The doctors said for me the heart failure issues are under control.

So I could have phoned everything in. But I understand they need to be sure.

So it’s a week to go for my procedure. I have all ready started doing things to get ready. I got my hair trimmed last week. My bangs would not stay out of my eyes.

All ready renewed my drivers licenses. The picture is not bad this time, my weight was good too.

I renew the plates for my car too. In Ohio they are due right before your birthday. The food seems to get better each time I am there.

The hard part is my pain will not go away, it will grow back.

baby girl

baby girl (Photo credit: Jon Ovington)

Tonight I am currently on baby watch. My step daughter in law’s water broke last night. No word yet. She is having a girl, currently know as “Baby Girl”

So when we have a baby we will know the name.

CLARA JEAN was born March7 at 1145 p.m.

Colon Cancer

One of my Cowdens peeps asked if I would blog about my colon cancer. I was not sure I wanted to or anyone would want to read about it.

My husband said if she wanted to know there would be others. So for Colon Cancer Month, my Cowden peeps,

my family,

my colon peeps at the Colon Club

this blog is for you.

To my brother Ron and my sister Beth if you skip this one I understand, and yes I learned my lesson. Love Tami

Colon Cancer

Labor Day weekend 2008, I broke my ankle in the parking lot at work. That was the last day I was able to work. While still in the boot for my ankle, I had heart failure problems.

The hear failure problems were bad enough that I was in the Cleveland

Clinic ICU. The ICU had  monitors I needed. While in the ICU I got a couple of visits from J telling me about Cowden’s Syndrome  that someone thought I might have.

The first visit  J measured my head talked about breast cancer,thyroid problems and PTEN genes. I listened. The next visit she  brought Dr. Eng with her. I asked lots of questions.

The odd thing to me was why would anyone want to study about me. I finally had the blood drawn and everyone left me alone.  When I started to feel better I realized I forgot to ask, how much does this test cost and who pays for it?

I went home with my heart failure issues under control, but crossing my figures about the bill.

My symptoms started out slow. I had cramping and belly pain. This pain got worse over time. After awhile an upset stomach seemed normal.

Horrible night sweats I had those to. When they first started I thought the night sweats were just more hot flashes. But the night sweats were so bad I had to change pajamas and move to the other bed.

Them after sweating so bad I would get bad chills. When I had every blanket on the bed and my teeth were still chattering I took my temperature. It was 103.7.

I also LOTS of bloating and loud stinky gas. The bloating and gas got so bad I made sure when I got on the treadmill I was around people with headsets on.

My house keeping started to slip because I was really really tired. Along about this time I found out if we committed to Weight Watchers for 15 weeks our insurance would give us a rebate on the cost.

That sounded good. So we started Weight Watchers. But I was not hungry. Food looked terrible. I would forget to eat at work. Most nights I put half a portion on my plate and only was able to eat half of that.

I lost weight but never tried. Since 2008 I have yet to count a point. I lost a little over 40 pounds and have kept it off.

  Irregular bowel movements, I had those too. Sometimes there was blood on the stool, other times there was blood on the tissue or bloody diarrhea.

I had rectal bleeding.  The rectal bleeding got really bad. I use to describe the toilet bowl has looking like red paint had been spilled in the toilet.There were time it was hard to get the rectal bleeding to stop.

 Then I would be fine for a couple of months. The rectal bleeding would start-up again.  A week or two would go by. I would look up  doctors again and get another appointment at least a month away.

All the doctors sent papers about what your symptoms are.  More rectal bleeding. Then everything would be fine for a while.

My ankle got better. I went to one session of ankle rehab. Then the worst back pain showed up. Pain so bad I could hardly move.

Pain so bad I was back in Cleveland Clinic. The pain ended up being a blood infection. The blood infection was treated with around the clock IV’s. I went home with a Pic Line.

 I had my one and only colonoscopy in the hospital. That’s where they found the colon cancer. At that time I  had a spot on my lungs and a spot on my liver. When all was said and done the live and lung spot disappeared before chemo.

So I was stage 3c. Please have your colonoscopy. Then do what the doctor says. So you do not end up with colon cancer. My doctor said you never want to jump from screening to treatment. I know first hand how right he is.

I found out at the pre-op visit for colon surgery I had Cowden’s Syndrome.


English: Poster promoting early diagnosis and ...

English: Poster promoting early diagnosis and treatment for cancer, showing a rooster crowing at sunrise. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In case you weren’t aware, March is National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month.

Despite being the 2nd leading cause of cancer related deaths in the United States, this cancer isn’t talked about too much.

Many people, like myself, are trying to change that. Screening for colorectal cancer, i.e. a colonoscopy, should begin when you turn 50 – earlier if you have symptoms and/or a family history of colorectal cancer.

Although the prep isn’t a ton of fun, the scope itself is like taking a short nap – you feel nothing.

For a good description of the process, GoogleDave Barry – colonoscopy” – for a great write-up he did on his colonoscopy a few years back.

Symptoms for this disease can be very obvious, very subtle or in most cases –no symptoms at all. It affects men and women equally.

Colonoscopy’s save lives. One simple procedure can save your life.

 I knew my colon cancer risk. My father passed away from colon cancer at 43. For me it took lots of talk from many family members and having my insurance deductible met.

The doctor found lots of polyps. I had symptoms, did not follow through with the doctor and   ended up with stage 3 colon cancer.

  This disease can be beat – but in order to beat it, you need to find out if it’s lurking inside you first. So please take a look at your own situation and determine when (not if) you need to schedule your own colonoscopy.

Do it for yourself, your friends and your family.