Happy Birthday Mom and Andy

Happy Birthday to You!

Happy Birthday to You! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Happy Birthday Mom and Andy!  Andy  was born on my mom’s birthday. She passed away in 1998. So I have been thinking about my mom.

My mom was one of a kind and  had an opinion about everything. I was told from the time I was little she was never wrong, because she was my mom that’s why.

At our house there were chores for boy’s and chores for girl’s. The only inside job my brother did was wash the kitchen floor every Saturday. I hate washing the floor today.


Potatoes (Photo credit: Marj Joly)

 We started helping in the kitchen very young. I can remember learning fraction by measuring water for her during cooking. My sister and I could peel vegetables very young.

After a while we use to hide the better potato peeler. In high school during football season Friday’s were always chili. My sister helped me realize our mom was not a great cook.  I was a cook in the Navy.

Today my hubby and I practice Weight Watchers.


Boxer22 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

She was a nurse. My dad passed away from colon cancer when I was 15, my sister was 14 and my brother was 13. My worked third shift. Mom was around for most of my health problems.

She made sure I had a tutor. Third grade was really hard, especially learning  multiplication and division. I had a horrible time with that, didn’t use flashcards again till studying in college.

Today I would tell you I don’t do any math past 8pm. Seventh grade was no picnic either. But I had my art. I painted just about anything. Mom had broken her foot, saved the cast for me to paint.

I entered the cast in our school art show. My cast was the talk of the show. I had our boxers. We had a two show quality dogs. I painted lots of boxer pictures. We breed one boxer and kept a puppy. I was able to show the dog in two shows.

Still do art and have my dog.

Kit shorts

Kit shorts (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Remember the material they used to make shorts in the 70’s, that’s how I ended up at the GYN. He told mom I was born with my AVM. One of the few times Mom came close to saying she was wrong.

 We came home from vacation  with pucca shell necklace after visiting relatives. After awhile my necklace did not fit. That was the start of thyroid problems. Anyone who had thyroid problems in the late 70’s  had the really bad tastin medicine.

Mom had passed before breast or colon cancer. She came to help during my AVM surgery when my kids were little.

  Yes My mom had problems.

But she always remembered my son’s birthday. My daughter still talks about grandma taking them to their first marching band show. In the stadium they sat at the very top. Grandma had health problems but made it to the top for them.

She got them Massillon Ohio shirts. That was a big deal when you live in Alaska.  They laugh about her voting for Bill Clinton because they both had the same hair style.

So Happy Birthday Mom and Andy. I am way to young to have a thirty year old.


Rose (Photo credit: LeahLikesLemon)



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