I really don’t Like pictures BUT….

My Little Muppet

My Little Muppet (Photo credit: inju)

 Some time in my teenage years,   long before Cowden Syndrome was heard of, I had a loud talk with my mom about my AVM. I told her the AVM had always been there.

That was the reason for my first GYN visit. My first GYN visit confirmed for her that I was correct the AVM had always been there.

That doctor said I would have issues after childbirth. That first doctor was correct. I had no problem with my AVM till after having children.

I’m glad yesterday’s over and plans are in the works. Dr S has done many procedures since 2003. My husband use to call her doctor, she asked him to use his first name. I think my sister uses her first name too.

 This  time Dr. S had pictures of the CT. The pictures helped us see how large the AVM has gotten. She can help with the pelvis and leg AVM’s.

The AVM in my hip has gotten to larger for her to help. Dr. S said the relief she can give the pelvis are should help the hip.

Her new plan is to have me come in to the hospital a day before the procedure. That way all my heart related issues can be monitored. So I have an appointment with my heart doctor  the beginning of March.

White Flower Farms

White Flower Farms (Photo credit: pollyalida)

Right now this procedure is scheduled for March 15 with my going in the hospital on March 14.  So we left Cleveland Clinic, not needing to do the pre-op testing and with CT pictures.

I have all kind of medical issues so I really appreciated the pictures.

The pain has been bad enough that I have pain medicine. That is a first for me.

Sometimes it hard to know if the colon cancer is back, heart failure issues are getting bad again or I’m whining.

thank you

thank you (Photo credit: the|G|™)

 Thanks Dr S , the pictures help.





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