Sisters Who Knew!


Sisters (Photo credit: Jenn Durfey)

Who knew my sister didn’t mind coming and sitting with my hubby during my procedures. Now I’m talking about the procedures that I got put to sleep for and had to stay  over night. There have been everything from

cancer to my AVM.

Ya By now I know what to expect.

I know what to bring to the hospital and what to leave at home. I give my identification to the husband and leave the purse at home. My purse is one less thing for him to worry about.

 We hope for an early reporting time. Early reporting time means you get a great parking space and a pager for the people waiting. I know my vascular surgeon does procedures on Fridays.

Friday procedures mean going home sometime Saturday.

Cup of hot chocolate with whipped cream

Cup of hot chocolate with whipped cream (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I know what to wear to the hospital. Gotta make sure my cell phone is charged the night before. There is usually something to numb the area the IV goes in. The admitting nurse only tries once before looking for N a nurse that does hard sticks.

Great nurse but I hope I don’t see her this time. Most hospital trays give you coffee. Last time I asked for hot chocolate. The hot chocolate was the best I had ever had,took the envelope home.

That hot chocolate is low in Weight Watcher points. We currently still use that brand.

Who knew my sister considers my procedures her time. B said she love being in the motel by herself. I did not have a procedure last year so she had no me time. My up coming AVM procedure should be in February.

-Get Well Wishes for a Precious Friend-Glenda ...

-Get Well Wishes for a Precious Friend-Glenda Morelock (Photo credit: Special Angels Photography( Tumbleweed))


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