I don’t want to BUT….I will

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Boy this gets old.  Happy New Year to me, all kinds of symptoms start, doctors appointments,  scans and tests. That is how I know it’s January. The AVM is getting larger and more painful. Yes I’ll go through everything to feel better  but I am tired of having to. I know

what to expect and it was not fun. Every AVM procedure I have to stay at least over night. If there is a problem with the IV I have met Nancy the nurse who does problem sticks. Getting to the operating room can take for ever. When I leave the prep area it’s always with

out my glasses.I can not see much without my glasses.  So If there is a wait, I am stuck in the waiting area listening to television wishing I don’t need to use the bathroom. If I do it’s a pain to get the nurse and find my way back to the bed squinting and holding the back

of the gown so I am not flashing others. . Yes they will come and get you, but there is a chance you might wait again  wait  in the corner of the hall. Finally in the operating room, I have gotten everything from smiles from students  to upset doctors that I am the next

 case. Lord help you if they need to do a pregnancy test right before they put you to sleep.  Ok sometimes I have had a problem when I woke up. I do understand I’m just really tired I have to do it again. Then there’s my hubby waiting. I can tell how he is doing if his leg is

twitching. Yes I am going can’t wait!

Fulton Tire Shop

Fulton Tire Shop (Photo credit: Jon B. Swerens)

In February I have round two. I had early stage breast cancer in 2002. That was long before Cowden’s Syndrome. I think back on my first mammogram. I was forty-two and a little late getting it. This mammogram was supposed to be my “baseline.” The doctor said no

big deal. “RIGHT”  My attitude was I’m keeping my breast, don’t want to lose any body parts today thank you. So I had a lumpectomy and radiation. I am fair-skinned. During the trail run a tech told me I was going to get really burnt!! and the gowns were in the corner.

He was right I got really burnt. The skin area on my left breast is still red. Years later I got a lot of bumps under the left breast. The bumps got bigger, uglier, rubbed the bra area till it bleed, and itched like crazy.

Marie Tucek's

Marie Tucek’s “Breast Supporter” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have not worn an underwire bra in a long time, deciding it

was ok to sag. Years went by. During this time these bumps continue to get bigger, darker, and itch. I showed nurses and they had no idea what it was.Last year’s mammogram is a story in it self.  My primary doctor referred me to a dermatologist. It took about six

months to get that appointment. He took pictures, did biopsies but was concerned these bumps might be a sarcoma from radiation. I flashed more doctors had more biopsies. The bumps were ok but that follow-up appointment is in February. Ya, I am going to that one too.


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  1. I see my oncologist next month too…to FINALLY go over the results from my breast MRI that I had in DECEMBER. Yep…it has taken me THAT long to get into see her to get the results. I hope that yours is good news and I just want to say that I’m LOVING your pictures- esp. the kitty on the top. 🙂

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