No I do not have my hat!!

Last night I measured my head. My head was bigger than anyone at home. Yes I knew I have a big head.  I know doctors have measured my head a lot. My daughter was born with a big head. My husband has a baseball hat collection. I have never liked hats.

Brownies, Girl Scouts, marching band, going to watch the Indians,working with food  and the US Navy all had hats.

Ohio is the coldest its been in two years and I can see the need for a hat.

Winter Hat

Winter Hat (Photo credit: Geoffery Kehrig)

I put on a cute pink hat I got from the sale area last year. Thought it was cute and a great deal. NO IT DOESN’T FIT. I understand if it’s really cold and you don’t have a hat on.

*I think I’m getting better at this!



  1. My Mom, a few years back, found me this long scarf/hat that fits the head and then you wrap the rest around like a scarf. Love it. Will never live without it in the winter. If I lose it and leave it somewhere, I hunt for it. I have never seen it in stores again; if I had I would’ve bought two or three. I call it my babushka. Definitely helps me avoid hat-hair.

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