All Kinds of Pain


 Because of the pain of my AVM, I ended up flying to my niece’s wedding in October from Cleveland to Nashville. The flight first flight was so bumpy we were only given water and airline peanuts. The second flight was

bumpy enough I used the bag in the front seat. It ended up I left my jean jacket on the plane. Went back to get my jean jacket, ended up falling getting out of the plane. I broke a bone in my ankle and a bone in my foot.

Nashville International Airport

Nashville International Airport (Photo credit: Paul Lowry)

As a kid I remember getting worried when we didn’t see my grandma at the airport. She was in the front seat of the golf cart getting a ride. My mom was stunned. Later in live I found my mom getting a ride in the airport golf cart. She enjoyed it. At the Nashville Airport I continued a family tradition, riding in the golf cart to meet my daughter. The look on her face priceless.

English: A picture of a Club Car 84 golf cart....

English: A picture of a Club Car 84 golf cart. Italiano: Foto di una golf cart. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yes I stayed for the wedding.  It goes down as one I’ll never forget first one I had been to on crutches. Yesterday I talked to the third person from the insurance company about filing an appeal. Yes I met my

deductible  Cowden’s makes sure of that.Right now we owe over five hundred dollars because of miss coded claims. I filed the claim  on-line yesterday and will hear something in thirty days.



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