Guess what March is??

March is Colon Rectal Cancer Awareness Month

 March 1 is National Dress in Blue Day for colon rectal cancer awareness.  There are no blue ribbons. Last October a local business made the front page of the local paper. He had a breast cancer promotion. I am a ten-year breast cancer survivor. I am for research for all cancer and last year entered a bra decorating contest for breast cancer awareness. He gave a 10 percent discount on a certain service. Ten people took advantage of the discount. The paper had a picture of his sign TOOT FO THE TA TA’s.   NO one will be CLAPPING for my COLON.

The colon cancer awareness color is blue. There is a National Dress in Blue Day. If you are interested Google, Colon Cancer Alliance is a great organization with lots of information and support. My local area has nothing. Also Google Colon Club. These are my colon peeps. Males and females who have colon-rectal cancer under 50 and their caregivers. The Colon Club puts out a calendar of persons diagnosed under 50. The survivor stories are very moving. Sadly some of the models have passed.  Yes I applied to be a calendar model last year and yes I was very relived not to be chosen.

When the updated Cowden’s Syndrome screenings were published. Someone started a thread on the article. I was hopeful someone else on the message board had Cowdens! Talk to your doctor if you have any kind of bathroom problem. Get a colonoscopy. Tell others.



  1. Great post. I was quite unnerved when I got the new screening guidelines and saw colon cancer on the list (and the high breast cancer) – so you’ve had breast cancer too? Which message board are you on, if you don’t mind me asking?

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