What is harder?

What is harder knowing something but not knowing what it means or waiting to find out results? My doctors send emails when and if they want to release your results. December 31 I saw the doctor for my thyroid. The first part of January I had the

blood tests he ordered. Over the weekend I got the results of the last two blood tests, vitamin D is low and PTH is high. Put that information together with over the past year my CEA levels have been slowly going up. While at the thyroid doctor he said

to asked my oncologist, from all the thyroid tests I do not have thyroid cancer. After dealing with thyroid issues since I was 17 that much I knew. I probably would not have seen him had it not been for the recent update in Cowden’s Syndrome

screenings. Because of the updated screenings I know today I have two nodules on whats left of my thyroid. So it was a good thing.

Yesterday I had a CT scan for my stage 3C colon cancer diagnoses of late 2008. The scan was better than I remembered it. The prep tasted like water and the scan itself was quick. Since my right colon surgery I have had to adjust to a new kind of

normal with bathroom issues. But I have kept the 45 lbs.  off I lost and have not tracked one Weight Watchers point. Every year late March early April I get my colonoscopies. The doctors finds lots of polyps every year. She says I am one of the

Frequent Flyers for colonoscopies. Every scope I get pictures of the polyps removed. At the beginning of every year since 2009 I start to have bathroom issues again. The colonoscopy helps.

My oncologist since 2009 moved. So tomorrow I meet the oncologist that had an  appointment in the same office to make my wait really short this time. Yes I looked him up, he has colon cancer listed,  has he even heard of Cowdens. I picked my

original oncologist because of location, knowing I would do chemotherapy. I was able to drive myself. Yes I am looking forward to tomorrow.



  1. I do not have time right this second, have to get ready for church. I have been struggling through thyroid nodules and goiters, radioactive iodine, and biopsies since 2000. When they finally decided to remove the whole thing, I had gone through the treatment and body scans 3 times. When it was removed, they discovered one nodule was cancerous. So I went through the cancer treatment. Now I have a lymph node getting suspicious. Does the cycle ever end?….Jill

    • I think the sad part is no thyroid problems do not seem to end for me either. My thyroid issues started at 17 when a 70’s style necklace started to get really tight. Over the years I have had nodules, goiters, parathyroid problems too. My current doctor was upset that I have had thyroid surgery at least 4 times and I still have half or my thyroid left. So I do understand. I really like your dog. Growing up my family raised boxers. My current dog is a rescued boxer mix.

  2. What do the CEA levels refer to?

    Interesting that you say that your D is low and your PTH is high. I HAD THAT EXACT SAME THING! I now am on 50,000 Vit D 2x per week and with that my PTH has lowered to the normal range. I think this was before we knew about my LDD. Not to be personal, but have you been scanned? I don’t necessarily think it’s related I just hope that all with CS (well, the medical teams) include a brain scan to rule out LDD…

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